In order to provide the best and most accurate experience, Play Power Golf uses the following technologies:

GC2 Camera

GC2 Smart Camera Launch Monitors: The GC2’s are the most accurate technology available for capturing and reproducing true ball flights in an indoor environment. It features a stereoscopic camera that precisely captures and analyses ball characteristics at impact to give the most accurate values of ball and shot performance.


HMT – Head Measurement Technology: The HMT unit combines with the GC2 to give a new level of analysis. Unlike other technologies that provide clubhead performance from indirect analysis, the HMT unit uses easily applied position indicators on the clubhead to ensure all critical clubhead data is captured.  This data includes:
Exact club path / Attack angle / Club face position / Strike position /Swing Speed

Swing Catalyst

Swing Catalyst Studio Software for Video Analysis: The Swing Catalyst software allows for the effective study of your swing, giving you visual feedback as to the changes required to improve your technique. Using Swing Catalyst Software allows for:
Analysing your swing during a lesson / Provide access to your swing videos online to be viewed after your lesson / Provide a lesson video summary which can be viewed at any time after a lesson

Driving Range Output

Driving Range Software: FSX Fit software is used to provide the Driving Range information. The following data is recorded for each shot and can be emailed through for reference at a later point in time:
Shot shape / Ball speed / Launch angle / Total spin / Carry distance /Total distance

Course Play

Golf Course Simulation Software: FSX Play Software delivers world class courses in stunning, true-to-life 4K resolution. FSX software enables you to:
Bring world class courses to life in the comfort an indoor environment / Provides a variety of game options allowing you to customise your playing experience

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